Crochet Food Squids

Banana Squid Olivia Laws Crochet 9x7.5 (Poseable arms can change dimensions)

Banana Squid
Olivia Laws
9″x7.5″ (Poseable tentacles can change dimensions) 2015


Watermelon Squid Olivia Laws Crochet 9.5″x7″ (Poseable tentacles may change dimensions) 2015


Pretzel Squid with Mustard Olivia Laws Crochet 9″x7″ 2015


This is a picture one of my friends took from the opening of Transformation in Martin, TN April 2015

A few months ago I was part of an invitational art exhibition entitled “Transformation.” The theme was simple, capture a transformation within your pieces. Since I’m super into making crochet food sculptures I knew I wanted to make something along those lines.

My usual pieces are quite large. I’m working on a 6 foot tall crochet ice cream cone right now actually. 😛 But for this show I was unsure of how much space we’d have available to us at first, so I decided to make my pieces a little smaller. Going smaller was a challenge but it also helped me prove to myself that I could make something just as awesome as my large sculptures but on a smaller scale. It’s easy to wow people with gigantic sculptures but when they’re smaller it seems like you have to work a little harder to get every tiny detail just right.

So once I decided I wanted to do something food related and on a small scale all I had left to do was decide how to capture  transformation within the pieces. I played around with several different ideas before finally landing on the idea for a banana squid. A banana naturally lends itself to this idea because the peels can easily be turned into tentacles. At the time I had been working on my giant crochet octopus sculpture entitled “Pulpo.” You can check out Puplo in my etsy shop here: Puplo

So since I was so involved in that piece, the idea of blending the two worlds of food sculptures with octopus sculptures just seemed right. I started with the banana squid and while I was doing that I came up with the ideas for the watermelon squid and the pretzel squid. I came up with a ton more ideas but I only had time to make three pieces for the show. I may revisit this series in the future.

If you’re interested in purchasing any of these sculptures you can see more info about them in my etsy shop:

Banana Squid

Watermelon Squid

Pretzel Squid with Mustard